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Founded by social-worker-turned-comedy-producer Kim Levone, Improbable Comedy has hosted more than 100 shows in local venues around the DMV. The goal has been to transform the industry by giving the mic to hilarious comedians who have been underrepresented on stage.  We aim to book more women, LBGTQ+, BIPOC, and immigrant comedians as well as performers with disabilities. 

Since our first show at Vicino's restaurant in 2012, we have brought big laughs to theatres, bars, swanky clubs, and people's homes. Prior to the pandemic, we had regular shows at Busboys & Poets, Joe's Movement Emporium, and Post 41 as well as bigger events at the Silver Spring Black Box and Union Stage.  

In March 2020, we moved almost exclusively to Zoom and now present our live shows virtually - several shows per month. While we were happy to find success online, we are tickled to be back in person at our favorite venues, on outdoor stages with the Montgomery County Parks Department and planning for our 10th Anniversary Comedy Festival:  SPRUNG!.  Our goal is still:  a great show, every time, for everyone in the audience.  


Our small but mighty production team is focused on a high-quality show with an intimate feel. Our mission today is the same as it was when we produced our first show almost 10 years ago: to bring people together for a hilarious live comedy show with a diverse group of awesome comedians. 

In addition to our monthly Stand Up Silver Spring, we have present themed shows like The MOTHER of All Comedy Shows, Comedy as a Second Language, and our Sweet & Sour Valentine's Day show. 

We support and are supported by our local Silver Spring community to make comedy part of the local arts scene. We partner with restaurants and local organizations, do an annual fundraiser called A Night of 1000 Laughs, and give comp tickets several times a year to teachers and non-profit workers.

We know how hard everyone is working out there to make it through the day. Laughter helps! We love seeing our audience doubled over in laughter and knowing we had a part in that.



At Improbable Comedy, we look for comedians with different backgrounds who love performing and dig the audience. 

The comedians on our shows perform across the country in top clubs and venues. Immigrant stories, relationship foibles, and an uncanny ability to see the familiar in a humorous light.  Check them out at an upcoming show!

Image of Anna Phillips
Image of Al Williams
Image of Yasmin Elhady
Photo of Haywood Turnipseed
Image of Blaire Postman
Image of Camille Roberts
Image of Alvin Kuai
Image of Alyssa Al-Dookhi
Image of Anthony Oakes
Image of Paris Sashay
Benjy Himmelfarb 1.jpg
Image of Brittany Carney
Image of Che Guerrero
Image of Christine O'Dea
Image of Joanne Filan
Fernando Madrigal 1.jpg
James Creelman headshot.jpg
Denise Taylor 1.jpg
Gina Brillon 1.jpg
Elizabeth Danger Norman 1.jpg
Franqi French 1.jpg
Jesse Rivas 1.jpg
Hedi Sanberg 1.jpg
John Poveromo 1.jpeg
Kandace Saunders 1.jpg
Kasha Patel 1.jpg
Lucie Pohl 1.jpg
Neema Nazeri 1.jpg
Natalie McGill 1.jpg
Nick Hopping 1.jpg
Nour Hadidi 1.jpg
Tommy Taylor Jr 1.jpg
Sabeen Sadiq 1.jpeg
Simone 2.jpg
Melissa Douty 1.jpg
Yumi Headshot.jpeg
Davine Ker 1 (1).jpg
Brian Parise 1 (1).jpeg
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Sofia Javed 1 (1).jpg
Jason Weems 1.jpg
Gina Nicole Brown Headshot Purple (2).jp
Mello HS 1.jpg
Felicia Madison 2.jpg
Danny 2 (1).jpg
Dominic Rivera.jpeg
Elahe Izadi 2018-02-10-Jessica-Yurinko-P
Jennifer Amo.jpg

"We have four kids so we were desperate for some comedy. 

We saw a post on Instagram and decided to Zoom in for the show.  This is awesome.  Thank you." 

- L & M


"All of the acts were so good. 

You guys are amazing.   

I am definitely telling all of my friends about this."

- SG


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